• The perfect team

    Our DHW solutions and taps are matched to each other. We have put together all the components in a set for you.

    Tailored to suit your requirements

    Our taps and fittings for your home. Our kitchen  and washbasin taps are the perfect complement for your DHW solution. With our extensive range of accessories, you can tailor your level of comfort to suit your requirements.

    Combine your instantaneous water heater and small water heater with one of our elegantly designed tap fittings – we have the right model for every requirement. Check out our sets of taps and heaters for even greater convenience below. 

    The answers to your tap and fitting questions

    How do you clean taps?

    Don’t use abrasive or corrosive cleaning agents or abrasive sponges when cleaning and caring for your taps. A damp cloth is all you need to clean them with.

    • If the sensor tap is dirty or covered in limescale, clean it with soapy water or diluted domestic vinegar, then rinse with plenty of clean water. Dry the sensor tap with a cloth.
    • For descaling, remove the aerator from the fitting. To avoid inadvertently triggering the flow of water, activate a draw-off pause:

    Setting the draw-off pause

    You can stop the flow of water for approx. 2 minutes to be able to clean the sensor tap and washbasin, etc., without inadvertently turning the tap on.

    How do you connect a tap?

    We recommend that the installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of the product be conducted by a qualified installer.

    Why have a low pressure tap and what for?

    A decentralised electric DHW heater in a non-pressurised, open vented design is a simple and affordable solution for the individual supply of a hand washbasin, washbasin or kitchen sink. You will require a non-pressurised tap to go with this appliance. You can recognise it by the three inlet lines.