Integration into the building management system

The Stiebel Eltron Modbus TCP / IP interface

Modbus is a standard for home and building control, which often is used in commercial and industrial buildings . Different building functions can be integrated and connected via a Modbus master and an example visualized on a monitor screen in the control room .

The integration of the heating in a Modbus system is often via separate hardware components such as plug-in cards, which serve the sole purpose of Modbus connection. Data transmission takes place via serial or IP .

STIEBEL ELTRON have deveoped a more innovative solution: the Modbus TCP / IP interface is a software extension for the ISG Web, which makes the ISG into a Modbus slave. Thus, the simple integration of many types of heat pump is made possible. The remaining functions of the ISG Web remain completely intact .

The ISG with Modbus TCP / IP software thus allows you to control your heating system via smartphone,  tablet, computer, etc., and enables services such as remote maintenance and integration into a Modbus building automation. All in one unit .