Energy management to maximise efficiency

The Energy Management Interface (EMI) is an optional software extension for the ISG . It enables the integration of selected STIEBEL ELTRON heat pumps and ventilation systems in the energy management of the SMA Sunny Home Manager with the aim of increasing the heating and hot water system's usage of the self-generated electricity wherever possible.


  • Increased use of electricity onsite
  • Increased electricity price independence
  • Meaningful contribution to climate protection
  • Easy installation and operation

Developed by STIEBEL ELTRON in cooperation with SMA, the EMI enables integration between the SMA Sunny Home Manager (SHM) and STIEBEL ELTRON products (contact us for a compatibility list).

The devices are connected together on the home network. The ISG then determines the thermal energy needs of the building and delivers the resulting power demand to the SHM. The SHM plans the operating time of the device balancing imput and consumption forecasts so that power consumption is optimized to co-incide with generation.

Based on this plan the SHM sends an runtime proposal to ISG. The ISG sets this runtime proposal as an operating time for the product, thereby increasing consumption of your own electricity. Electrical energy is then converted into thermal energy by your heating system and stored in the home. This mode provides an increased on-site usage of PV energy and thus reduced electricity bills and a lower carbon footprint for the home.

You can check the status of the system using the ISG interface at any time and track your efficiency.