Electric heaters

  • Boost the temperature with an electric heater

    Simply feel comfortable. Especially in rooms that can often be chilly. Our wall mounted convector or rapid fan heaters can be quickly retrofitted and supply pleasant warmth in a jiffy.

    Warm up by using an electric heater as an additional heat source.

    Maybe a room in your home is always too cold or lacks a radiator? That’s where our electric heaters come in. For little installation effort, you enjoy a big gain in comfort. Our extremely quiet appliances heat up a space to create a pleasant room climate that simply feels good. Intelligent control means our electric heaters heat as required in an energy efficient manner.

    Electric heaters operate on a simple principle: electricity is converted into heat without any losses. The heat does not first have to be delivered through pipework from a boiler room. It is generated directly at the point of use and released precisely as needed.

    Small but perfectly formed: in spite of their modest dimensions, these compact appliances offer a high heating output. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology. Ensuring you feel comfortable in your own home.

    Good reasons to enjoy your home comforts