Warranty for heat pumps

5 years peace of mind with STIEBEL ELTRON

5 years free parts and labour

Terms and Conditions

Step 1: installation

To access the New 5 year warranty you must chose a complete heat pump system with all main components from STIEBEL ELTRON and have it installed by one of our partner installers who have been trained by us at our Bromborough training facility. A STIEBEL ELTRON ISG Web must be installed and activated.

Step 2: registration

Within four weeks of the first startup, the partner installer must register the system with STIEBEL ELTRON UK via our online product registration.  Commissioning documents must also be uploaded to this area.

The exact conditions for a 5-year warranty:

• If STIEBEL ELTRON are carrying out the start up, then the partner installer should be present with the appropriate tools and equipment. 

• In the event of a warranty claim, proof of maintenance by a specialist installer or STIEBEL ELTRON Service Team must be provided. 

• The startup check does not assume any liability for the proper planning, dimensioning and execution of the entire system. In the case of dry heating, no liability is assumed for the proper heating of the screed. The responsibility for the correct heating of the screed lies solely with the client.

• This exclusion of liability applies to damage to the screed as well as to the heating system that could occur as a result of an incorrectly carried out screed heating.

• No liability is assumed for parts not purchased from STIEBEL ELTRON and for system defects that are attributable to parts not purchased from STIEBEL ELTRON or to system defects. 

• The 5 year warranty can be claimed on all STIEBEL ELTRON UK domestic heat pumps (excluding WPE-I 33 – 87 units) as long as the above mentioned terms are complied with.