Save space and maximise returns

Specifying an electric instantaneous or point of use hot water solution can unlock extra space, reduce energy use and the ongoing cost.

Hot water – a source of wellbeing

A convenient way to save energy

Today, we take hot water for granted. Tailor-made solutions from STIEBEL ELTRON offer a high level of convenience, exceptional quality and efficient appliances. Electric DHW heating with short pipe runs is more environmentally responsible and ensures an excellent level of comfort..

Decentralisation - efficiencies by design

Decentralisation - efficiencies by design

Compact and space saving the Stiebel Eltron range of instantaneous electric hot water systems can be conveniently placed close to the location of where hot water is required.

The three phase electric instantaneous hot water Stiebel eltron systems are ideal for apartment developments as a true point of use instant hot water system. Placed close to the point of use minimises the length of pipe required to deliver hot water to the outlet and as such deliver hot water to the outlet faster.

This results in saving water as commonly cold water is wasted while waiting for hot water to arrive. In addition energy losses are reduced which occur when water cools down in the pipe work between draw offs.

The advantages of decentralised water supply

Save space.

Traditional central water systems are bulky and use valuable space. A compact decentralised system can free up space within an individual apartment compared to a boiler and or/tank - or for a whole building free up space in a building's roof or underground area for communal amenities. Also, less plumbing is needed between the heater and where the water is used, reducing labour costs and making installation more cost-effective.

On-demand supply

On-demand supply

Instantaneous water systems only heat up the water when it is needed, rather than storing large amounts in anticipation of predicted usage, and they will never run out of hot water.

Our advanced small store products have programmable timers to only heat their store active when it is required.

Energy savings

Centralised hot water systems are increasingly going out of favour due to their running costs and environmental impact. A major drawback of these systems is the energy needed to keep a large system consistently at the desired temperature, even when the water is not in use, and the amount of heat, which is lost transporting the water from the storage system to the point of use.

Installing an efficient electric instantaneous water heating system can greatly reduce a building's environmental footprint, allowing residents to save money and potentially reducing greenhouse gas emissions without compromising their lifestyle.


Accurate bills

Locally situated water heaters facilitate a true user-pays option. The water is only heated when it is required, eliminating water and energy wastage and ensuring energy bills to the end user are accurate.

Point of use

Electric instantaneous water heaters deliver hot water with precision. Efficient by design, the units don't store water so you don't get the heat losses that occur in traditional storage hot water systems. Installed close to the point of use both instant and small store water heaters reduce dead legs of pipe - saving you both water and energy.


Staged handover

Decentralised water heating systems simplify and streamline the process during construction as the hot water systems are installed in each individual residence, making it possible to carry out a staged handover. An instantaneous electric or small stored hot water solution can be positioned where it is needed without the restrictions associated with gas feeds, flues or venting, simplifying the construction process. Also, less plumbing is needed between the heater and where the water is used due to its placement within a residence, reducing labour costs and making their installation more cost-effective.