Buying a Stiebel Eltron heat pump and renewable heating or hot water solutions

Thinking about a heat pump or solar panels? . There may be other options to consider, and the earlier in a build project you consider your heating and hot water options, the better.

Start your thinking with our guide to writing your own brief for your system

To help you start thinking about what you want from your project we have produced a booklet on writing a brief for a renewable heating system. This guide for property owners and installers is by Chairman of the Domestic Heat Pump Association, John Felgate

This book is designed to help you write a good brief for your renewable heating project.

It sets out the key questions that need to be asked to ensure that the choice of design and product will meet the needs of the end user.

This booklet will help you think through what is driving you and the resources you have on site to be taken into consideration when a proposal for the best option is made. It will also help you with evaluating responses to your brief.

If you are an installer then this document provides a useful checklist and framework to help you work with a customer and take to a manufacturer for detailed discussion of suitable technologies and specific products.

Where to buy

Our products are supplied through installers and wholesalers. Because proper installation is critical to the efficient running of a heat pump, and indeed all renewable systems, we recommend that you use installers trained on our products. We are happy to help you find a Stiebel Eltron trained installer in your area, to help ensure that you get a quality installation that maximises the performance of your Stiebel Eltron heat pump.

You can also request a free specification directly from us which you can use to obtain full quotes from installer partners. If you wish we can even contact local installers for you with your specification so that you get a set of quotes on a comparable system.

Request a specification now

Free design and specification services and support

We offer a unique free design and specification service to help ensure that you get the best advice on how best to apply renewable technologies to your project. Because we offer such a wide range of technologies we can offer advice on which renewable or low energy options will give the best return on investment, carbon savings and performance.

Our local specification managers will assess your needs and provide you with a list of what you would need with costs, inital drawings to show how a system will work, and calculations showing how much energy a system can harvest from the environment.

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