Heat Pumps for refurbishment projects

Savings for the making

Although more typically thought of in new build contexts, heat pumps are in theory an option for all types of building. The key is finding the right solution for the individual project; whether that be an historic mansion or a semi-detatched villa.

Savings for older buildings

Using renewable solutions for older buildings is an area of expertise for Stiebel Eltron UK.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer customised solutions that work to save money and energy, whilst ensuring comfort, even where others might dismiss a heat pump as an option. Older properties have huge financial and practical incentives to seek alternatives to fossil and solid fuels. Not least among the incentives are the generous funding schemes available to refurbishment projects choosing a green heating option. We have a wide range of products eligible for government funding schemes and many that are specially designed for retrofit applications to overcome typical issues faced in these situations.

As well as our renewable heating products we have a wide range of electric heating and hot water products that are ideal for many retrofit projects.

Domestic retrofit ASHP with solar, Warrington

A complete re-fit of this four bedroom home with an air source heat pump powering newly-installed underfloor heating means the owner now pays only around 11p a week for gas. Solar panels on the roof are also providing a return od approx £1600 a year through feed-in-tarriff payments from the goverment.

Using heat pumps in refurbished buildings

STIEBEL ELTRON products and solutions for refurbishment projects

Bivalent or hybrid heating systems

It is entirely possible to install a heat pump without removing an existing legacy system running on fossil fuel. Bivalent systems like this can help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and allow a more gradual transition to a fully renewable system. Heat pumps for this kind of system can be air or ground source and will supply heating and hot water. Typically the renewable system will cope for 80% of the time until the emitters need to run really hot (when outside temperatures are at their lowest), at which point the fossil fuel system will kick in in tandem or take over completely.

A very cost effective alternative to a full bi-valent system is installing a hot-water only heat pump. Our WWK 300 is the ideal product in this situation.

Single phase products

Many heat pumps are designed for three phase electrical supplies. But in the UK many homes have single phase supplies - and rural properties in particular may have a weak supply that can rule out the installation of some heat pumps because they place too much demand on the supply when starting.

Stiebel Eltron UK supplies a range of single phase and soft-start heat pumps for just this eventuality. Our inverter-driven air source heat pumps are an ideal choice in these circumstances. And we even have ground source heat pumps sets with soft-start modules that can get 20+ kW from a single phase supply.

Funding and MCS approved products

Funding is available for older properties upgrading to renewable heating.  See our funding page for more information. Many of our products are MCS approved and suitable for projects where this is required in order to qualify for funding. 

Funding for renewable projects

Easy to install heat pumps and cylinders

When you aren't building from scratch with the ability to make allowances for the addition of plant rooms, you need products that are designed to fit into whatever space is available.

With products that can be installed inside or out, and have special design modifications to allow them to be fitted into small or narrow spaces we can help with almost any design requirement.

For example some of our integral cylinder and buffer tanlk units can be split in two for easy installation!


Some useful facts about how a heat pump installation works

1. Free specification service:  Our experts look at the plans and location of your build and examine the structural conditions and space. Then they develop proposals for an ideal installation, calculating the heating load for your property and sizing the products accordingly.

2. Incorporate your desired features
Heating, hot water, ventilation, cooling, integration of a solar system, biomass or fossil fuel back-up boiler - our trade partners will discuss with you in detail all the possibilities, and your resulting savings potential.

3. Site of the heat pump
Our heat pumps can be installed indoors in a plant room (part of the main house or external to it) or basement. For smaller properties air source heat pumps for outside installation are great space savers.

4. Installation and support

Stiebel Eltron don't install pumps themselves, but do have a network of trained, independent installers, and we can assist you to find those local to you. Your installer will be your first port of call for support and maintenance issues and we provide them with technical support as necessary. We offer all installers the option of a final on-site comissioning of the system by one of one of our own team.

The two-year factory guarantee can be extended to up to five years and includes all STIEBEL ELTRON components belonging to the heating system.