CON 20 Premium U

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    Stylish warmth.

    The wall mounted convector – a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. This appliance enhances its environment not only by providing pleasant heat, but also through its high quality design.

    Comfort functions to warm you up in next to no time.
    Using the integral controller, the comfort temperature can be precisely controlled by means of a weekly timer or boosted for several minutes with the push of a button. When the room is ventilated, the heater switches off automatically.

    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 200270

    Power supply: 1/N/PE ~ 230 V

    Connected load: 2 kW

    IP rating: IP24

    Colour: alpine white

    Height: 470 mm

    Width: 780 mm

    Depth: 126 mm

    Weight: 9.30 kg

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