Heating buffer cylinder
STH 210 C Plus

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    The all-rounder for your heat pump

    This buffer cylinder is the perfect complement to your heat pump. It stores and delivers pleasant heat to keep your family home nice and warm. If your heat pump is also designed for cooling operation, the cylinder also stores the water required for this.

    In the upper section of the cylinder, it is possible to install an electric threaded immersion heater for electric reheating. A second connector allows the installation of a further electric threaded immersion heater for charging the buffer cylinder. This lets you increase self-consumption of electricity from your photovoltaic system, for example.

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    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 205369

    Energy efficiency class: B

    Standby energy consumption/24 h at 65 °C: 1.40 kWh

    Nominal capacity: 207 l

    Height: 1510 mm

    Height when tilted: 1637 mm

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