Integral cylinder
HSBC 220

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    Application • This integral cylinder is suitable for DHW heating in heat pump mode. It can be used to heat a family house (new or existing building). • The unit is prepared for the optional connection of another heating circuit. • The appliance simplifies hydraulic connection in heating systems, as the heat pump and heating circuit flows are separated by means of an integral buffer cylinder. This means that the integral cylinder can be used in various heat distribution systems. 

    Convenience features • The DHW cylinder and buffer cylinder are stainless steel cylinders with directly applied foam insulation. The DHW cylinder has an internal indirect coil. • The two cylinders are mounted one above the other to save space. The heat pump manager, cylinder charging pump, circulation pump and 3/2-way diverter valve are included in the standard delivery. • Easy handling.

    Efficiency: • Standby losses are low, because the cylinder volume and indirect coil surface area are matched to the demand.

    ERP product datasheet
    Technical datasheet

    Product Number: 206641

    Energy efficiency class: B

    Nominal capacity, DHW cylinder: 200 l

    Nominal capacity, buffer cylinder: 85 l

    Surface area, heat exchanger: 2.60 m²

    Height: 1765 mm

    Width: 735 mm

    Depth: 690 mm

    Height when tilted: 1851 mm

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