Can Tempra products be used in Ireland?

Unfortunately the Tempra range is only available for the American market and is not suitable for Ireland due to the electrical connections. For the same reason we do not sell anything that is a direct alternative.

IE compliant alternative products

Most Irish domestic properties have only a single phase electrical supply (240v). The biggest unit we supply on single phase (240v) is 10/12 KW. his unit has an output of 14.3 kw and would be capable of supplying a shower and basin or a kitchen sink and a basin. It is not recommended for filling a bath.

We also manufacture 3 phase units (400v) with outputs of up to 27kw – one of these units is capable of running approx 2-3 showers, filling a bath or supplying a number of basins at the same time. They are however only suitable for 3 phase (400v) supply.

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