The ERP: the impact on electric heating products from 2018

What is the ErP?

The Ecodesign of energy products directive is a framework directive which sets minimum efficiency requirements for energy consuming products. 

The objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other adverse environmental impacts throughout the life-cycle of a product with emphasis placed on the design and development stages of a product with a view to improving its energy efficiency.

You may already be aware of the new energy labelling that the ErP brought into force on hot water products in 2015 to provide better visibility of environmental impact of products for consumers considering a purchase.

What is the impact of the ErP on heating products?

From 18th January 2018 it will no longer be possible for manufacturers to make heating products that do not meet the minimum standards of the directive. You will be able to sell through any of these products that you still hold in stock. From January electric heating systems must score a certain number of points for their systems that recuce and control energy consumption. You will see various solutions and measures to achieve these points in different products.

What is changing in our product range?

At Stiebel Eltron we are changing the design of our electric heater products to consume less energy wothout compromising comfort for consumers. In fact we have taken this opportunity to build in measures that increase comfort.

There will be two ways going forward to meet your electric heating needs:

1. All current Stebel models of electric heaters will be upgraded to include a new 7 day digital programmer with open window detection (see video below). All heaters will have new part numbers and existing models will be discontinued.

2. For ultimate sytem control we are introducing No Control heaters (also called slave heaters) that can be connected to a new range of easy to use central controllers. This complete solution offers the energy effciency required by the regulations and is ideal for multi occupancy situations such as student accomodation, key worker accomodation and public rental sector housing.

What you need to do

Continue as normal at the moment. If you have any large new projects scheduled for delivery in the coming months please do work with the project team at Stiebel to ensure a plan is in place to ensure that you are ordering the right product to match any existing stock.

CNS 100 Trend controller