How far away can a heat pump be from a house?

Guidelines for header pipes for air source heat pumps

Air source heat pump with integral buffer and hot water tank

The tables below are designed to help you to select the right size pre-insulated header pipe for your project, up to a maximum of 100 m from the property. They pertain to our pack solutions with buffers only.

Note: for custom systems or bufferless packs a custom calculation is required to ensure that there is sufficient  Remaining Head Pressure For Heating Circulation (H/m). Please contact us for more information as the size of the circulating pump and/or heating system itself will have an impact on the calculation.

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WPL-A Premium Packs: featuring WPL-A 05

Header pipe size  pack 2  Pack 3 pack 4
DN 25  100 m 105 m 90 m

WPL Premium Packs: featuring WPL-A 07

Header pipe size pack 6 pack 7 pack 8 pack 9
DN 25 35 m 45 m 35 m 30 m
DN 32 100 m 130 m 110 m 90 m

WPL Plus Packs: featuring WPL 25 (ACS)

Header pipe size Pack 1 Pack 2 Pack 3 Pack 4
DN 25 10 m 5 m NA NA
DN 32 35 m 10 m NA NA
DN 40 100 m 25 m 10 m 10 m
DN 50 NA 100 m 30 m 30 m
DN 65 NA NA 70 m 70 m

WPL Classic Packs: featuring WPL17 ACS Classic

Header pipe size

Pack 2 Pack 3 Pack 4
DN 25 40 m 40 m 35 m
DN 32 115 m 115 m 105 m

Notes on calculations and selecting pipe sizes

These figures have been calculated assuming a 5m run of Copper DN25 inside the property, PE Plastic used outside for the header pipe.