Heat pump – Advice

  • The right heat pump

    Outdoor air, the ground or water – the energy source determines the choice of heat pump

    Heat pumps – do you know what you’re heating with? Not? Doesn’t matter… we’re happy to explain it to you! Watch the video and learn everything about the different heat sources.

    Various types of heat pump are available to you, depending on whether you want to use outdoor air, the ground (geothermal collector or geothermal probe system) or water (groundwater or surface water) as a heat source. In some cases, the extract air from mechanical ventilation systems can also be used by a heat pump (exhaust air heat pump). However, this is only suitable for homes with good thermal insulation.  

    Air source heat pump – for utilising outdoor air

    • High temperature fluctuations throughout the year (-18 °C to +30 °C)
    • Lowest heating output at extremely low outside temperatures
    • Lowest COP at low outside temperatures
    • Defrosting of evaporator at outside temperatures of -10 °C to +7 °C
    • Lower seasonal performance factor compared with brine | water and water | water heat pumps
    • Easy installation of the heat pump – no groundworks required
    • No requirements relating to the size of the installation site
    • No official approval required
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    Ground source heat pump – utilising the ground

    • Low temperature fluctuations throughout the year
    • Heating output throughout the year virtually constant
    • COP virtually constant irrespective of outside temperature
    • No defrosting of evaporator required
    • High seasonal performance factor
    • Groundworks required during installation of the heat pump
    • Geothermal collector requires a plot area of 1 to 2 times the living area
    • Geothermal probe must be reported or requires approval (local water board)
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    Outdoor or indoor installation?

    Air source heat pump

    With air source heat pumps, you can choose between indoor or outdoor installation. Either outdoors in the garden or, for example, in a basement or utility room. There are also compact appliances with an integral DHW cylinder and mechanical ventilation. 

    Ground source and water | water heat pump

    Ground source and water | water heat pumps are installed indoors, where they are protected against the risk of frost. Their compact size and extremely quiet operation also makes them easy to install in a utility room. Subject to model, the appliances are already equipped with integral DHW cylinders.