Air source heat pumps
WPL-A 07 HK Premium Compact Set

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    This pack provides an energy efficient heating and hot water solution for your home, delivering comfort and warmth even when the weather falls below zero.
    Our premium heat pump can achieve flow temperatures of up to 75 °C suitable for retrofit installations and higher hot water demands.
    Light weight stainless steel tank on tank design gives you heating and hot water supply from a signal unit perfect for properties limited on space or needing an upstairs installation.

    The main controller for the unit is mounted on the front of the cylinder and keeps your system running to its maximum efficiency. Pack includes a room thermostat so you can monitor the temperature of your home. Internet service gateway enables you to control your heating and hot water from our app and allows your installer to remotley diagnose any system issues.

    Engineered to give you excellent running costs but also to be easy to live with. We have taken extra care in our air source heat pump design to make our unit super quiet.

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    Product Number: 206044

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